Random acts of kindness

Someone at church last week pointed out that it was Random Acts of Kindness Day and shared some of the ways she had been doing those random acts here in New York City. So I thought of that when someone in one of my online courses, did an act of kindness for me the other day.

He told me the name of a bush that had been in my grandmother’s yard when I was a child. She just called it “the shrub,” and when it was blooming, she would let me take a single blossom, crush it in my fist, and then breathe in the most intoxicating smell! I can remember the bush like it was yesterday but never had a name for it nor could I ever find the search phrase that brought up a picture of it.

But as soon as I described it, I got a response: “Was it a Carolina Spice?” And after a quick Google search, there were dozens of pictures of one of my childhood traditions!

carolina spice bush

I hope there are some random acts of kindness waiting for you these days – and maybe some from you to others!



About Rev. Beth Perry

Rev. Beth Perry is a church consultant, leading online workshops and trainings on everything from Safe Sanctuary to mysticism, digital ministry to spiritual gifts. She has been faculty for the University of Phoenix's Jersey City Campus for the past 9 years and for Mercy College this year.
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