Women Mystic Awesomeness!

“To be one with love is an awesome calling and those who long for it should spare no effort.”  Hadewijch, 13th century, p198, Medieval Women Writers

I’m so excited about a “new” workshop I’m leading!

Okay. It isn’t new at all – I’ve been doing this in one way or another for about 20 years! But it is newly refurbished for 21st century online training. And that’s the awesome part!

You see, when I went into the course to edit some of the materials, I realized how much was missing from it! There’s so much more we could see, hear – almost taste and smell – than I had previously included.

You may have seen a blurb about it in my last newsletter but my excitement is kicked up a notch now so I have to invite you again! Women Mystics in the Christian Tradition runs from May 20th to 24th on BeADisciple.com. It costs $50 and offers .5 ceus.

I hope this all sounds awesome to you, too!


About Rev. Beth Perry

Rev. Beth Perry is a church consultant, leading online workshops and trainings on everything from Safe Sanctuary to mysticism, digital ministry to spiritual gifts. She has been faculty for the University of Phoenix's Jersey City Campus for the past 9 years and for Mercy College this year.
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