Princeton Theological Seminary reunion, Part II

I just want to update you on the results of my reunion “wish list”….

First, I wanted to sit on a bench in the quad and reconnect with the squirrels. Several days of rain made the quad a soggy mess so even Wednesday’s sunshine didn’t make me want to walk through the wet grass to sit on a wet bench!

However, I did go early to skip the travel in the rain, which meant I had time to walk to the Borough Park and remember how much I loved that place!


Princeton borough park


I also wanted to sit in my favorite seat in the cafeteria, overlooking the parking lot… Did that the first day but felt none of the old longing to escape! Maybe it was the gluten free brownie!


A view of a parking lot.


Similarly, the desire to sit in the library was met several times, along with an unnamed desire to sit in the chapel!

IMG_5060 2

The library atrium.


Miller Chapel before opening worship.

And finally, sitting with friends, remembering the fun and fury – well, that happened over and over! Along with catching up on what has happened since! And even getting a hug from a favorite professor!

Fortunately, it wasn’t all just sitting! We were challenged throughout the reunion, too. Challenged about the past, the present, and the future. How do we make amends for the past, how do we live out the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves in the present, and how do we preserve a future for the next generation – in church and in creation?

Princeton Theological Seminary at its best.

About Rev. Beth Perry

Rev. Beth Perry is a church consultant, leading online workshops and trainings on everything from Safe Sanctuary to mysticism, digital ministry to spiritual gifts. She has been faculty for the University of Phoenix's Jersey City Campus for the past 9 years and for Mercy College this year.
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