Back from Vacation… sigh…

You’ve been there, too, I know it… The vacation glow was visible in all the pictures… and then two days later, you’re home and the grimace has returned! Lines in the forehead, pursed lips, all of it! The Back from Vacation face stares back at you in the mirror and you think, “What happened to beach hair?”

Oh, well…¬† Back I am and it was a great week and now I’m neck-deep in wonderful work again! No one could complain about that!

So here’s a few pictures from the vacation – maybe just looking at them will help us all destress for a minute or two? (Two weather pictures and one of my gluten free cupcake just for fun!)


About Rev. Beth Perry

Rev. Beth Perry is a church consultant, leading online workshops and trainings on everything from Safe Sanctuary to mysticism, digital ministry to spiritual gifts. She has been faculty for the University of Phoenix's Jersey City Campus for the past 9 years and for Mercy College this year.
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