Safe Church/ Safe Sanctuary Training Possibilities

There are many ways to receive Safe Church/Safe Sanctuary training!

First, some denominational bodies provide free training on writing policies. Check with your denomination’s administrative body to see if that applies to you. You can also check with your insurance company to see if they provide training.

Second, you can schedule me to provide an individual training at your church. Trainings can be tailored to your needs: writing a new policy, editing an existing policy, training workers with children and youth about a new or existing policy, or even dealing with difficult situations like when a predator begins attending worship or an abuse scandal arises. A typical three-hour training costs $600, plus transportation costs.

If you could gather at least three congregations in your neighborhood to work together on a training, contact me to talk about pricing.

Third, I offer an online workshop with on writing, editing, or training workers with children and youth. These courses are 2-week workshops for individuals and the cost is $55 a person. I recommend at least two people attend from each congregation.

If you are interested in scheduling a training event, email me at or call at 718-308-5997. For online workshops, check

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